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Modern ESL Lessons, Flipped Classrooms and Speaking Clubs

English speaking classes and lessons for adult and teenagers. Suitable for teachers and English learners of all levels.

In our interactive, flipped classroom lessons, you can watch real-world videos, read authentic texts, practice and activate an abundance of wonderful English vocabulary in Context, receive feedback from your teacher and practise speaking!

What you can achieve with our lessons

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Student Testimonials

We know how great our lessons are, but we're biased...Here are some reviews from a handful of our students. Click on them to watch their video testimonials. Follow the link to read even more reviews.

Daily English & Speaking Club

Join our Speaking Club

Our Calendar of Classes


Week commencing: January 4th to February 21st (6 Weeks of classes)

February 22nd to March 7th (Break)

Week commencing: March 8th to April 11th (5 Weeks of classes)

April 12th to April 25th (Break)

Week commencing: April 26th to June 6th (6 Weeks of classes)

I Think I Understand Your Struggle With English

Your understanding of the language is amazing - in fact, I would probably guess that your understanding of English grammar is a lot better than a native speaker! You’ve possibly read more classic novels than the average Briton, and I expect you read a lot of the latest news stories in English. Perhaps you’ve been doing this for years and years, or even perhaps a teacher of English. However, there’s one thing missing - you just don’t have anyone to practise with!

You have all these amazing English skills, but you don’t have anyone to practise with.

You want to be able to talk about things happening in the world, but don’t necessarily know the best vocabulary that we are using in English today. 

Well, my friends, you are not alone. This is something that I discovered from myEng.uk Instagram blog - that thousands and thousands of people, just like you, are strong, well-educated students of English, but you don’t have the opportunity to put all those skills into use. This has lead to a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking because you just don’t have the chance to USE your English.

The truth is, very few people do. Very few English learners get to put everything they have learned into good use. They spend years and years studying from books and never getting to use this fantastic gift.

We soon learned, after starting our blog, that there are people like you all over the world - incredible at English with no opportunity to speak it! 

People from all over the world messaged us daily, I mean daily, asking for our help to get them speaking English.


So, that’s how it began. We took the biggest burning-issue in the English language learning community, and we went about solving it. 

We Will Get You SPEAKING English

In March 2020, Alex and I put our heads together and we came up with a plan to get you speaking English - but, we didn’t want it to just be a ‘speaking club’ where we simply come together and chat. We wanted there to be a purpose to the conversation. One of the big issues of having a conversation in English is having the tools and skills already in your mind to speak. If you don’t, you’ll freeze and you won’t have the confidence to speak. So, to make our students better prepared learners, we also decided to teach good habits of learning - and one of those things is consistency. Consistency is key. 


So, we structured daily mini-classes to prepare our students for the main event, the SPEAKING CLASS. All the work in the week prepared everyone towards speaking. And it worked tremendously. Just take a look at some of these guys that we helped. You can even click and watch a video of their own wonderful, personal feedback.

About our Lessons

The goal of our lessons is to help you become confident at using English in a variety of contexts. We do this by engaging our students in real-world videos, using authentic articles and teaching vocabulary in context. We then give the opportunity to activate this language by speaking - in our Daily English Speaking Course or in Individual Classes.