Hi! About who we are...

Hi! About who we are...

Hey, folks. We are Alex and Dan, ESL teachers - currently in Moscow.
A few years back we started an online speaking club with a flipped classroom approach. We worked with real-world videos that used language that’s actually used today, developed students’ awareness to it and got them using it too. We loved it.

We are so proud of it! In fact, we still run multiple speaking clubs throughout the week based on our real-world topics and materials.

Something we noticed about many of our students is that they were also teachers.
Just like us - they were passionate about the profession and were dedicated to ensuring we got the most from our students (no easy task!).

Give me strength!

There was also one crucial thing that we had in common - we all lacked time (and strength!).
The one thing we definitely aren’t getting back! It’s precious to us all - but particularly to teachers!

These teachers loved the lessons we used in our classes - interactive, geared towards activating speaking skills and rich in lexis that’s being used in the world today. In fact they liked them so much, they started asking to buy our worksheets to use with their own classes. But there was one problem…we didn’t expect that to happen so we didn’t write answer keys or teacher’s notes.

Fast-forward to now and we are better-prepared and feeling good!
We are so excited to announce that we will be sharing our lesson plans, worksheets and teacher’s guides with you too. Slowly but surely we are adding those answer keys and teacher’s guides to them all and will begin releasing them one by one for you to buy and use.

We know how precious time is and we want to save yours too.

Here, we’ll not only be sharing our latest lesson plans (FREE lesson plans too soon), but also ideas we learn, as well as tips to develop your own authentic materials from scratch and how to work with the course book (the one you HAVE to use). (P.s. we are not against course books!)

We look forward to sharing this trip with you and keep your eyes peeled for our first lesson plan.

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