Free rice ATMs installed in Vietnam

Friday 26th June

Dictation and Vocabulary Exercises

1 - Vocabulary flashcards

Have a quick look at this week's vocab, if you need.


2 - Vocabulary test 

Time to test all the vocabulary you have learned.


3 - Dictation

Listen to the audio and write what you hear me say in the comments section below.

Here we have 11 dictation sentences - you can do as many as you desire. You can check your answers by checking the description in the audio.

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1. A Vietnamese entrepreneur.
2. He has come up with an ingenious idea.
3. An ATM is also called a cashpoint.
4. They dispense rice, not money.
5. He was troubled by the situation.
6. Their livelihoods have been lost.
7. Sponsors and donors have helped.
8. We need to curb our spending. We spend too much money.
9. You can withdraw rice, not money.
10. People from Vietnam are called Vietnamese.
11. You need to install the update.

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