Friday 19th June - Pronunciation and Dictation practice

China and India border dispute

Friday 19th June

Dictation and Vocabulary Exercises

1 - Vocabulary flashcards

Have a quick look at this week's vocab, if you need.


2 - Vocabulary test 

Time to test all the vocabulary you have learned.

3 - Dictation

Listen to the audio and write your answers, in the comment box below. You can check your answers by checking the description in the audio (opens in another tab).

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you need to resolve this dispute
India is a populous nation
There us a skirmish between the two nuclear powers
There have been flashpoints along the border
high in the Himalayas
we had a cordial meeting
It is under contention
It was established in 2019
The glacial terrain is shifting
it is a craggy mountain
you need to pinpoint them on the map
both sides need a resolution

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