#askDan - What’s the difference between a TV ‘serial’ and ‘series’

I made a post about the difference between ‘cereal’ and ‘series’ two commonly confused words - especially among my Russian students.. 

Here it is:

@konkinata on Instagram asked...
”So...what’s a ‘serial’?” 

Great question:

So, here’s the answer...

"@konkinata well, actually that’s a very good question. Firstly, do note that people rarely use the word serial, they use series. But, you’re right, it does exist. So, as you asked...

a series is a broadcast of shows about a similar topic/subject but they are separate from one another and in (often) different situations. ‘House’ is a series because it’s a medical drama but each episode isn’t linked. Despite the same characters in each episode, you can watch them out of order and not miss out on a major plot line.
A serial is a broadcast of shows that are linked. Normally the story/narrative continues from one episode to the next. For example, The Handmaid’s Tale. The story is linked and continues from to the other. Serials are often novels. Indeed we can have serial novels.
I like your question. People generalise and say ‘series’ - I rarely hear the word serial. Indeed I generalised and put the Simpsons and Fleabag as ‘series’ - whereas, in all honestly. The Simpsons is a series and Fleabag is a serial. Hope this helps!😊" 


 Any other questions? #askDan 

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