Cities of the future

Vocabulary and pronuciation class

1.1 - Flashcards

Learn the new vocabulary - click on the words to hear the pronunciation


1.2 - Learn the vocabulary

1.3 - Game - be quick

1.4 - Spelling test


2.1 - Pronunciation feedback students

Your first task is to send me your audio recordings of these sentences. Do not send one long message, please. Send separate messages as audio or video.

1) We built our house from scratch.

2) The school secured funding for a new roof.

3) Trump declined to comment on the situation.

4) He cited personal reasons not to speak.

5) Many rural households have terrible internet.

6) This project is a huge undertaking.

7) She acknowledged her mistakes.

8) We are living in a utopian society.

9) This house is stunning.

10) The supermarket is my last port of call before I go home.

12) Minorities often face injustice.


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