Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes - Vocabulary and pronunciation class

Dear all!

Welcome to Day 2 of this week's topic.

Today is all about vocabulary - this is a really important day because it will get you ready to fully understand the listening task on the next day.

Below you will find some Quizlet cards. Here is where you are introduced to the important vocabulary. The first task is to view the flashcards - and, what's really cool about these flashcards is that you can click/tap on the vocabulary term and defintion to hear our pronunciation. This will give you a much better feel for the word. You can then flip the flashcard to see the definition of this term in the context that it will be used in the reading task.

The vocabulary tasks don't end there. Make sure to complete them all:

  1. 'Flashcards' - click to hear pronunciation, flip to see definitions
  2. 'Learn' - where you check your understanding
  3. 'Game' - be as quick as you can
  4. 'Spelling test' - listen and check that spelling
  5. 'Test' - test all the new vocabulary. Don't worry if you're not getting 100% today, that's perfectly normal. You will have another opportunity to revise it later.

Finally, we want you to take 5 vocabulary terms that you found most difficult to remember and use. Write 5 of your own example sentences in the Facebook group for your teacher to view and help you with.

Ok, let's begin!

All the best!

Alex and Dan

(Remember, Consistency is Key and is an integral part of your learning. Ensure you take part in the discussions - we will be checking.)

 1.1 - Flashcards

Learn the new vocabulary - click on the words to hear the pronunciation

1.2 - Learn the vocabulary

1.3 - Game - be quick

1.4 - Spelling test

1.5 - Test everything

2.0 - Activate your vocabulary

Choose 5 vocabulary terms that you found hardest to memorise and write your own example sentences of these terms in our Daily English Course - Facebook group 🔗.  We will take a look at them to check your understanding of them.


Once you've done that, Day Two is complete. See you tomorrow!