Daily English Course

Our Daily English will get you speaking English with our weekly speaking class with people from all over the world.


We are Alex and Dan. We are going to show you how you can activate your English and become confident at speaking English.

How You Can Speak English Confidently and Become Consistent With Your Learning

 Hi, everyone!

We are Alex and Dan and we want to show you how you can activate your English and become confident at speaking English.

If this is something that you want to improve, then this might be the most important page that you’re going to read in a long time...

That’s because I (Dan) am going to share a story about how I took students (just like you) - with an already-amazing level of English - and gave them the confidence to SPEAK ENGLISH. 

What’s even cooler is that I can now help you discover how you can do exactly the same thing to help you to find your confidence and get you using the language you’ve been learning for years.

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    I Think I Understand Your Struggle With English

    Your understanding of the language is amazing - in fact, I would probably guess that your understanding of English grammar is a lot better than a native speaker! You’ve possibly read more classic novels than the average Briton, and I expect you read a lot of the latest news stories in English. Perhaps you’ve been doing this for years and years, or even perhaps a teacher of English. However, there’s one thing missing - you just don’t have anyone to practise with!

    You have all these amazing English skills, but you don’t have anyone to practise with.

    You want to be able to talk about things happening in the world, but don’t necessarily know the best vocabulary that we are using in English today. 

    Well, my friends, you are not alone. This is something that I discovered from myEng.uk Instagram blog - that thousands and thousands of people, just like you, are strong, well-educated students of English, but you don’t have the opportunity to put all those skills into use. This has lead to a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking because you just don’t have the chance to USE your English.

    The truth is, very few people do. Very few English learners get to put everything they have learned into good use. They spend years and years studying from books and never getting to use this fantastic gift.

    We soon learned, after starting our blog, that there are people like you all over the world - incredible at English with no opportunity to speak it! 

    People from all over the world messaged us daily, I mean daily, asking for our help to get them speaking English.


    So, that’s how it began. We took the biggest burning-issue in the English language learning community, and we went about solving it. 


    We Will Get You SPEAKING English

    In March 2020, Alex and I put our heads together and we came up with a plan to get you speaking English - but, we didn’t want it to just be a ‘speaking club’ where we simply come together and chat. We wanted there to be a purpose to the conversation. One of the big issues of having a conversation in English is having the tools and skills already in your mind to speak. If you don’t, you’ll freeze and you won’t have the confidence to speak. So, to make our students better prepared learners, we also decided to teach good habits of learning - and one of those things is consistency. Consistency is key. 


    So, we structured daily mini-classes to prepare our students for the main event, the SPEAKING CLASS. All the work in the week prepared everyone towards speaking. And it worked tremendously. Just take a look at some of these guys that we helped. You can even click and watch a video of their own wonderful, personal feedback.

    Who is this course for?

    Anyone can access this course. However, it is ideal for:

    • strong upper intermediate to advanced level students
    • teachers of English


    Anderson, Brazil

     "Each week we build a strong vocabulary and express our opinion and ideas during conversation classes and interact with other students. Dan's feedback is priceless."

    Nataly, Ukraine

    "The speaking classes are so friendly. The atmosphere is comfortable and you're not afraid to share your opinion. And we're engaged with people from all over the world."

    View Nataly's video here



    Anastasia, Russia

    "Everything in the course is thought out to the very smallest details - design, texts, listening tasks. In our speaking class, we have a friendly atmosphere. We discuss current news problems that blow my mind!"

    View Anastasia's video here.


    How To Break Your Barrier To Speaking

    It’s so rewarding, as a teacher, to see your students using English in this way. Some people had been studying English for years. Others are English teachers that know so much about English, teach it to their students, but don’t have the chance to practise speaking English, equivalent to their level, with other like-minded friends, colleagues and students. We found the way to make it possible for them.

    Now, what’s great, is that you too can break down this barrier to learning and finally use your English skills to SPEAK.

    In the months from March to June, we welcomed the first 50 students to test and trial the course over 4 weeks. The results were incredible and we haven’t looked back. Between each course, we received feedback from our students, re-educated ourselves about methodology from our old-professors and even took a course in design to make our lessons look even better. We can’t wait for you to try it.

    200 Happy Students

    In September, we began our 3rd course and welcomed the 200th student. 200 people that have successfully completed and found their confidence to not only speak English but also learn key-habits of effective learning. These 200 students came from a closed-knit community from my blog, friends of friends and other members. However, as we began to speak about it more openly on our Instagram page and our techniques, we began to realise that even more people wanted to find their voice too. 

    Now, you’re probably wondering how you can start speaking English too…

    In fact, it’s taken us a long time to get to this stage for you. Now, for what we charge private clients per hour for one class you can get an entire month for four times as many classes. We’re so proud of this. We are making amazing, unique, beautiful English classes affordable with authentic material.

    You’re Going To Love Our Daily English Course

    You are going to learn English in a way that you’ve never known. And, what’s so important is that you are going to come away empowered by speaking the language you love

    Each week, in our main course, we use authentic material to inspire and to get you speaking. You will be engaging your English on a daily basis, learning how to use new vocabulary to talk about things that are happening in our world today. We don’t use boring, outdated language that you find in text books published years ago. Some of our most recent weekly topics have been:


    • AkonCity - Futuristic cities
    • Planet Earth - A Life on Our Planet - Documentary
    • Giant Hornets invading North America
    • Space Travel
    • Equality between Men & Women
    • Education in the UK
    • Meat-eating plants
    • Mental Health Week
    • Social Media - The Social Dilemma - Documentary
    • Superhumans
    • George Floyd
    • Architecture and Design
    • How China is Using AI in the Classroom

    These topics have inspired over 200 people to speak English again. Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at all the feedback below.

    You are never going to run out of things to talk about in English. We have helped people to speak with friends and colleagues about the most recent world topics. We know the language you want to speak.

    You’re going to have confidence in yourself and the English you can speak.

    You’ll be speaking English from Day 1, guided by the most forward-thinking teachers in ESL. Each week, you will put all your practice into a wonderful speaking class with other students from around the world - all groups are small in size and the actual speaking part is with a speaking partner via Zoom.

    We will get you speaking English and feeling in control with your language learning. We will help you every step of the way and you will be amazed at your own transformation.

    I know these are big promises, but I also know we can deliver…

    221 happy students have already completed our Daily English Course and it has forever changed how they learn and SPEAK English.


    Great opportunity 


    Rosario on Nov 5, 2020

    "How time flies! It seems like yesterday when I took the plunge to brush up my English and hand on heart, it's the best English course I've ever taken (needless to say, the highlight of this year). What I absolutely loved about each lesson is the design since you get to practise reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking with up-to-date topics such as environment, social media and even technology, something that is difficult to find in traditional textbooks. Apart from that, you'll find awesome speaking partners eager to keep on learning this amazing language. Without a shadow of a doubt, I highly recommend this mind blowing course. Last but not least, a big thank you to Dan for your dedication, patience and support."


    Great opportunity 


    Esra on Jun 13, 2020

    "I'd like to thank you Dan for everything you have made for us. The speaking club has helped be a lot with not only just my speaking skill but also listening, writing, reading and of course vocabulary and grammar. The activities that you create for the club are quite useful and efficient. I have really enjoyed and learnt so many things from them during the week. Your topic choices are interesting and up-to-date. This is important for me because I'd love to read and listen lots of different sources which are based on English language. Thanks to you, I have been getting better and better every day. Now, I can speak with my friends from around the world with confidence."


    Taking a part in this marathon is an efficient way to improve your English


    Svetlana on Jun 08, 2020

    "Your marathon helped me to improve my speaking skills. I have learnt a lot of new words connected with different spheres. Your material was not boring for me, It was interesting to do tasks. Thanks your speaking classes I have become more confident because every weekend I had speaking practice. Though I couldn't travel abroad, I could talk to foreigners and improve me conversational skills."



    Great Course!!!


    Anderson on Jun 22, 2020

    The course is wonderful! I have learned a lot each week from the material, the feedbacks in my pronunciation and I have made great progress. Im very happy with the course!


     Amazing opportunity


    Ekaterina Chesnokova on Jun 15, 2020

    That is a treasure for me cause you can improve your English everyday by doing new topics, vocab, pronunciation in absolutely great form like a game! And in the end of each week you have a “cherry on cake” Zoom meeting with your classmates)! That is a great opportunity to speak with people through all over the world using your knowledge!


    Brilliant course!


    Tatiana on Jun 14, 2020

    Dear Dan!

    I'm impressed by the effectiveness of the course you've created. The course gives me important information about English grammar, collocations, phrasal verbs, all things about modern English. Your teaching approach is great. By the end of a week, students can remember every new word given with no effort on their part.

    Thank you, Dan! Well done!



    The course is amazing!


    Ejaterina on Jun 12, 2020

    Dear Dan! I would like to thank you for the lessons, for your remarks and feedback. Its really usefull and helpful for me. Your approach to teaching inspires me. I love the course very much! Because I didnt learn it on purpose (I thought it would be impossible for me to pronounce and learn these words), but somehow, at the end of each week, I could use that vocabulary. Teachers like you are not easy to find! 

    Excellent Classes


     Anastasiia on Jun 13, 2020

    Hi, my name is Anastasiia and I'm a Ukrainian teacher . I'm so proud that I found Dan’s account 1 year ago. he is open and positive person. Also it is incredibly useful and pleasant for me to read his posts. I especially like that he can tell the difference in pronunciation of certain words. All the material he has on the page is his own work and inspirational. It's worth seeing. Enjoy your English studying with Dan!


    About your tutors

    Hi, all!

    My name is Dan. I am a Cambridge-qualified English teacher at myEng.uk and I have more than 12 years of teaching English as a foreign language. I also run the Instagram page myeng.uk, which many of you will know me from. I am delighted that you are considering this course. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating it and I am very proud that you are here, willing to take your English to the next step.

    Hi! My name is Alex. I am a Cambridge-qualified English teacher with 14 years of experience teaching adults and children alike. I love helping my students achieve their goals. I am the grammar guru here at myEng.uk and have the ability to teach grammar points to anyone (including children) and help them understand it AND enjoy it! I also teach modern British RP and help all my students improve their accent to sound more native. I look forward to working with all of you. Have a lovely day!