Monday: Video - English vocabulary and pronunciation

Fundraising veteran raises $25 million for health service

Monday 27th April, 2020

1.1 - Video 

Here is a video about this week's topic. Watch and write down your first thoughts of what has happened.


1.2 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Flashcards

Here we have some vocabulary about this wonderful man.

1.3 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Game

(Sign in and be as fast as you can)

1.4 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Spelling test

Now check how well you focussed on the task. See how your spelling is. You can go back and check the flashcards, if you need!

1.5 - Pronunciation practice

If you are receiving feedback on your pronunciation, now is the time to record your audio/video of the following terms. Send them to Dan and Alex now.

1) Honour our veterans. Honour our heroes.

2) He has been hailed as a hero.

3) I like to listen to the hail.

4) We used to fundraise every year.

5) She has raised so much money for charity.

6) Many vets suffer from depression.

7) His endeavours have captured the imagination of the public.

8) She vows to do the right thing.

9) The public have sent a petition to the government to ask for a knighthood.

10) This centenarian is amazing.

11) He is feeling very overwhelmed by this.

12) The NHS is in the midst of a dark time.

13) Altruism is a damning reflection of on the state of the NHS.

14) Critics have condemned the government.

15) It doesn't reflect well on the government.


Super! Well done, everyone. There was a lot of work today! Make sure you send me your work if you're receiving feedback.