Feedback - Daily English Course - Nataly

Nataly From Ukraine

Hello Guys! My name is Nataly and I am here because I want to recommend the Daily English Course to you.

I am so pleased with this course. Thank you Dan for this great opportunity.

All the information and all the material is so carefully planned. It is perfect in every detail. Before reading we get the vocabulary that comes with pronunciation. After listening you get new articles and new videos, so you don't only boost your vocabulary but you can actually go much deeper into the topic.

And the topics are so relevant, so this is the knowledge that you won't forget in a month, but you can apply it into everyday life.

And I really like the speaking classes. They are so friendly. The atmosphere is comfortable and you're not afraid to share your opinion, your self, your feeling. And we're engaged with people from all over the world, so you can make some new friends - not only boost your vocabulary.

So, it's not only about new English skills, but also personal skills. I like it.

Thanks, Dan!

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