Monday 11th May: Video - English vocabulary and pronunciation

Giant hornets reach North America

Monday 11th May, 2020

1.1 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Flashcards

Here is all the key vocabulary that you need for this week. Go through the flashcards and click the term to hear my pronunciation.

1.2 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Game

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1.3 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Spelling test

Now check how well you focussed on the task. See how your spelling is. You can go back and check the flashcards, if you need!

1.4 - Pronunciation practice

If you are receiving feedback on your pronunciation, now is the time to record your audio/video of the following terms. Send them to Dan and Alex now.

1) Few are as venomous as the Asian giant hornet.

2) These fearsome creatures are common in Japan and Korea

3) They are now moving across the Pacific Ocean to the USA and Canada.

4) They also destroy and wipe out colonies of honeybees.

5) They leave piles of dead bees, most of them headless, in their beehive.

6) A few dozen hornets can kill an entire colony in hours.

7) Authorities have warned people to look out for hornets.

8) A Vancouver beekeeper described the pain as excruciating

9) The stinger can get through our protective gear.

10) You're left in a world of pain.


Super! Well done, everyone.

Make sure you send me your work if you're receiving feedback.