Monday 4th May: Video - English vocabulary and pronunciation

Most of Europe's most-wanted criminals are women

Monday 4th May, 2020

1.1 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Flashcards

Here is all the key vocabulary that you need for this week. Go through the flashcards and click the term to hear my pronunciation.

1.2 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Game

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1.3 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Spelling test

Now check how well you focussed on the task. See how your spelling is. You can go back and check the flashcards, if you need!

1.4 - Pronunciation practice

If you are receiving feedback on your pronunciation, now is the time to record your audio/video of the following terms. Send them to Dan and Alex now.

1) Billy the Kid was one of the most-wanted criminals.

2) Experts at Europol contacted the Estonian police.

3) She had been on the run for twenty years.

4) The British authorities tracked down the gang.

5) The wanted suspects were caught on camera.

6) They were accused of trafficking and fraud.

7) Robbery was the least of the problems.

8) Gender has no boundaries.

9) So many people believe that they don't commit crime.

10) I hope to raise awareness of this issue.

11) This discourse is getting boring.

12) We are all capable of doing stupid things.

13) Law enforcement agencies are tracking the criminals.

14) They are wanted for grave offences including fraud.


Super! Well done, everyone.

Make sure you send me your work if you're receiving feedback.