Monday 8th June: English vocabulary and pronunciation

Condemning the killing of George Floyd

Monday 8th June, 2020

1.1 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Flashcards

Here is all the key vocabulary that you need for this week. Go through the flashcards and click the term to hear my pronunciation. Flip the card for the definition.

1.2 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Learn

Work your way through the cards and questions twice to finish.

1.3 - Vocabulary and pronunciation - Game

(Sign in and be as fast as you can)

1.4 - Pronunciation practice

1) Individual phonemic transcription of each word.


a riot - ə ˈraɪət 

an embassy - ən ˈɛmbəsi 

compelled to - kəmˈpɛld tuː 

condemn - kənˈdɛm 

discriminatory - dɪsˈkrɪmɪnətəri

dismay - dɪsˈmeɪ 

escalate - ˈɛskəleɪt 

hold accountable - ʊld əˈkaʊntəbl 

loot - luːt 

plead for - pliːd fɔː 

profoundly - prəˈfaʊndli 

rare- reə 

reverberate - rɪˈvɜːbəreɪt 

tragic - ˈtræʤɪk 

unprecedented - ʌnˈprɛsɪdəntɪd 

vent anger - vɛnt ˈæŋgə 

weigh in on - weɪ ɪɒn 


2) Say these terms out loud.

Feedback students send your audio/video to your teacher.

If you are receiving feedback on your pronunciation, now is the time to record your audio/video of the following terms. Send them to Dan and Alex now.

1) The event has reverberated across the world.

2) He pleaded for his life.

3) Days of rioting and looting have begun.

4) People are venting their anger.

5) The situation escalated quickly.

6) Our embassy took unprecedented steps.

7) They condemned the continuing discriminatory practices.

8) Don’t weigh in on this argument.

9) People feel compelled to respond.

10) We are all in shock and dismay.

11) She is profoundly sad about this tragic event.

12) Someone needs to be held accountable.


Super! Well done, everyone.

Make sure you send me your work if you're receiving feedback.